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The main altar retable of the Assumption of Mary church, was made by a mason school shop that, around 1508 worked, led by the master Johan Garcia de Grisal, Gristale or Gristaels, his name shown written in three ways, and whom was agreed about the works of carving, sculpting and painting, without doubt about of his mastering in gold plating and the polychomy, as the evaluation contract of (630.545 maravedies), belonging to the Hispano Flemish school.

The superb polychrome wood retable (12.50 by 9.50 meters), it is reckoned to be the third largest anywhere in Spain, after its counterparts at Seville and Toledo, exequo with Oviedo. Covers almost the back of the abside up to the vaults and enhanced with a geometric crown of Spanish Mudejar influence.

The imaginary panel and seventy images in the hollows, and the detailed filigree work on canopies and traceries. Above, under a Calvary, stopping the vertical, it has and horizontal Mudejar dust cover with painted abstract geometric motives and gold starts representing Heaven with also figures of the sun and the moon.

The red, blue, green and old gold colors together with the brocade, applied in gold threats, imitating the rich textiles of the time. Full of narrative and symbolic references the retable recounts in 17 carved scenes the life of the Virgin Mary > The Annunciation, The Visitation, Descention from the Cross and The Resurrection. The Prophecy to Mary's Parents, Mary's birth, Presentation of Mary in the temple, and Wedding to Joseph. Annunciation to the Sheppers, The Adoration, The Circumcision, and The presentation of Jesus in the temple.

In the center bottom, The sleeping of Mary (surrounded by the Apostles), one of the best scenes, complete the row at the left> The birth of Jesus, The Kings Adoration, and in the right, The killing of the innocent children, and Jesus in the Temple( at 12 years ).

All of it centered by a Sedent Andra Mary, image from the XIV Century and above the beautiful Assumption of Mary, titular of the parish.

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